It might be necessary for you to hire a professional immigration lawyer during your stay in the United States. Just like any other services, there are a lot of competent and qualified immigration lawyers out there. However, there are also tons of amateur and fraud lawyers.

Unluckily, there isn’t any reliable directory to help you in figuring out which lawyers are and aren’t good. This is why we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of general guidance on hiring the right lawyer.

Before you proceed with hiring an Orlando immigration lawyer, here are a couple of factors to consider:


One of the biggest complaints against lawyers in the United States is failing to communicate with their clients. You should always remember that you’re paying the lawyer your money. So, it’s your right to be informed of developments. The lawyer should return your emails and calls regularly and on time.

Meanwhile, there’s also a thing where the lawyer calls you excessively. Of course, this isn’t fair as well.


A couple of lawyers take several cases at the same time. However, if they take more than they can handle, they might end up messing up everything. So, you should know if your lawyer is taking on so much work. A lot of lawyers don’t know when to draw the line. They will still accept cases even though they are having a hard time handling the others.

Years of Practice

Just like anything in life, the longer the lawyer is in the industry, the better he or she will be. However, it can also be the opposite. For instance, a lawyer who has been in the industry for many years might become extremely lazy about staying updated on the latest news and changes.

According to several clients, some of the worst immigration lawyers in the United States are the ones who have been around for a long period.


A crucial factor to consider when hiring an immigration lawyer is his or her fee. Always remember that various lawyers have various pricing structures. Oftentimes, you might be tempted to hire the cheapest lawyer. Though your wallet may love this strategy, it can prove to be short-sighted if this is your primary factor in hiring a lawyer.

The fee of a lawyer greatly differs.

Do Your Research

Obtain every single immigration document you need. This can include any paperwork that relates to your convictions, arrests, the birth of kids, divorces, marriages, accomplishments, education, and much more.

Be honest in your dealings with your lawyer. The reason for this is that they require to have a precise and clear picture of your case. The lawyer needs to know if you’ve been arrested, ignored to file tax forms, or worked without a permit since these things might affect your options. You should keep in mind that your discussions with the lawyer are confidential.

Do some basic homework and know your goals. You should know that immigration law can be extremely complicated.