House paints are necessary to make your house look presentable and neat. And although it is always recommended that you hire Round Rock Professional Painters or any other local painters near you, painting your house can provide so much fun! In fact, more and more homeowners are considering to paint or repaint their house for more customization and control.   

Professional services are recommended as they have the proper tools, equipment, and experience that guarantee best results. They also have the knowledge necessary when painting such as being familiar with the different type of paints that you can use on your interior and exterior walls.  

Choosing among these types of paint can be a bit overwhelming and tiring as they are many – from enamel, oil-based to water-based. If you wish to paint your own houses, consider these different types of house paint t help you decide.  


The primer is not basically a paint, but this plays a major role in your painting projects. This can either be water or oil-based and the paint you need to use need to match the type of primer you are using.  

2. There are colors ideal for interior and exterior

The Interior surface is different from an exterior surface. For instance, interior paints are usually water-based, while exterior surfaces are generally oil-based. Also, your interior’s color does not need to be similar to the exterior’s paint color.  

3.Difference between water and oil-based paints 

Oil-based are made with oil and water-based is made with water. Oil-based paints are shinier, more durable, but takes more time to dry, while the water-based paints are matted, thinner, and takes a shorter time to dry.  

4.Acrylic Paint 

This is a type of water-based paint that has acrylic on it as a binding property. There are different types of acrylic paint such as acrylic latex enamel, acrylic latex, and acrylic enamel.  

5.Enamel Paint 

Oil-based paints are sometimes called enamel due to their hardness and durability. Enamel paint can be found in different finishes like semi-gloss and gloss and is oftentimes used indoors, windows, etc. On con of enamel paint is that it tends to deteriorate over time.  

6.Latex Paint 

This paint basically refers to water-based paints in all types of ad kinds.  

7.Specialty house paints 

The paints that are mentioned above can have or mixed with additives to provide certain features, and this include anti-condensation, fire retardants, and anti-mold or anti-mildew. 

You see, there are many different types of paints that you need to be familiar with as well as you need to choose and pick the colors that you want. If you think that this is tedious, you do not need to do it on your own as there are different services that can help you with painting your house. Remember that these services are efficient, faster, and expert in doing what they do best, so that is enough reason to trust them these tasks. What are you waiting for? Call a professional painting service now and try to experiment with different paint colors.